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From 20 January 9:00am until 19 February at 5:00pm Qatar time, please email at [email protected] ( please note this specific email for nominations as submission will be shared with the Election Committee ) with the email subject ICF BOARD NOMINATION.
Please ensure that you receive a confirmation email and if you do not within a reasonable time, please contact a member of the Election Committee, Gordon, Valeria, Mo or Clare.

  1. Name
  2. ICF credential ( if applicable )
  3. Number of approved/accredited/CCE coach training hours and number of coaching hours
  4. Board Position applying for
  5. No more than 500 words on why you are a suitable candidate for the specific position(s) you are applying for.

You can submit for more than one position and in this case apply with just one email and say which position(s) a) FIRST PREFERENCE b) c)  you are submitting for.
If nominating a chapter member, please gain permission in advance in an email and attach a copy of that email to the nominating email.

Shortlisting will take place between 20 February and 23 February whereafter, if needed, voting will take place for one week.

Please read the job descriptions and further information sent via email ( copied from ICF Doha By-laws)

The ICFD Board, as a whole, shall comprise of no fewer than seven and no more than nine members, three of whom shall hold the offices of the President, the Vice President and the Secretary/Treasurer. The Board may decide to create further officer and director positions within its members limits set out above. Members of the IFCD Board shall comprise of four officers and Seven directors. The Chief Executive Officer and the immediate past President shall serve as additional members of the Board without the right to vote.

Board appointments are managed by a Nominating Committee. All Officers of the Board must be ICF credentialled members. It is preferable but not essential that Directors of the Board are ICF Credentialed members. The Officer appointments of the President, Vice President and Secretary / Treasurer shall be for no more than two consecutive one-year terms or until the successor assumes office.

1 Special dispensation was given by ICF Global to permit entry of a further two directors to the board. A Board member shall not vote at a meeting concerning a matter in which he/she has, directly or indirectly, an interest or duty that conflicts or may conflict with the interests of the ICFD. A majority must be present at the meeting to enable decisions to be fair and binding. In the event of an equality of votes on any matter, the President shall have a casting vote.

The quorum for a meeting of the Board shall be by majority of its members, one of which shall be the President or his/her deputy. The quorum for the Board which comprise of eleven members shall therefore be six See Appendix C. The Vice President shall perform duties delegated or assigned by the President due to absence. The Secretary shall perform duties and exercise the powers of the President or Vice President due to absence. Board Meetings.

Meeting frequency

The Board shall hold as many meetings as may be necessary for the performance of its functions subject to meeting at least once every three months.

Meeting style

Participation in such a meeting constitutes presence in person and shall be counted in a quorum and be entitled to vote. All meetings of the Board shall be confidential, privileged and closed to the public.

Meeting notice

The Secretary of the Board in consultation with the President shall call the board meetings and special meetings of the board.

Minutes of meeting

Board members may be removed with cause, by a two-third vote of the board who must be present at a board meeting or at a special meeting of the Board called for said purpose. Written Notice of removal shall be given to the Board member in question, in writing, with justification, thirty days in advance of the meeting. Directors of the Board can also be removed with cause, by a majority vote of all ICF credentialled members at any membership meeting or special membership meeting called for said purpose. Board resignations shall be submitted to the President in writing at least thirty days in advance of departure from the Board.

Such resignation shall be effective thirty days from receipt of resignation.

Resignations of the entire Board or that of the President shall be escalated by the

President of ICF Global for consultation as per standard practice.

Committees of the Board

The President shall be responsible for regular assessment of the functioning of each committee. The President shall appoint chairpersons of all committees and chairpersons and members of all special committee’s subject to the approval of the Board by majority vote. The President shall serve as a non-voting member of all committees. The President shall appoint councils, task forces and core teams and shall be a nonvoting member of each of these bodies.

Members appointed to committees, councils, task forces core teams shall be selected based on their experience, skills and interests. Except for the nomination committee, Board members can serve on no more than to two committees, task forces and core teams as non-voting members. Members of the Nominations Committee shall be approved by a majority vote of the Board upon recommendation of the President. The nominations committee shall comprise of at least five ICF credentialled members of which at least one shall be the immediate past President and at least one Making recommendations for vacated seats.

Board nominations are declared open by the Nominating Committee. All ICFD members shall receive notification of Board vacancies including role descriptions, criteria and election dates by email and via social media inviting expressions of interest.

Challenges or question arising in relation to the shortlisted candidates from members will be considered by the Nominating committee and escalated to the

In both cases, members shall specifically state the meeting to which it is applicable. Any proxy must be sent to the Nominations committee seven Keeping abreast of and encouraging the fair dissemination of, accredited coach training, continued coach education and continued coach professional development Raising awareness among members in Qatar about the coaching profession,. Directors of Public Relations and Marketing.



Read more :
ICF Doha Board Nomination Information from By-laws PDF


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