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Life and Leadership Coaching Article

Life and Leadership Coaching

It’s a constant challenge to remember that I am a great coach and yet in the domain of coaching, I am still learning. When I started my coaching practice in 2012, my declaration was:
“I am a spark commissioned by the divine to ignite another’s flame for the sake of love and empowerment! I am committed to helping my clients define success for them selves and move towards it.”

Over the years, I have evolved my coaching style but the one truth that remains with me is that as coaches “we should be the guide on the side, not be the sage on the stage.” This perspective keeps me grounded and helps me focus on holding the space for my clients to find their own truth.
In my role as an internal leadership coach for my organization, I reinforce our corporate values and our stated leadership competencies to help my clients find a path to thriving at work. However, it is impossible to coach a leader without also being a life coach. You have to coach the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) and life happens while you work! Recently, I shared with a female client who was concerned about working from home with kids that I saw a man post a picture on Linked in with his daughter on his lap during a zoom call. He received many positive comments and was lauded as a great role model. I used it as a reminder that at the end of the day it reflected the leader’s humanity to be that transparent with their staff.
As leaders, as coaches, as parents, as people – we should remember that we are never as good as we think we are and never as bad as we think we are! (Edited quote by David Lunsford).




Valeria Edmonds is the owner of Masterful You Coaching, Inc. Valeria has thirty years of experience as a global human resources leader. She has worked abroad for the last six years. Her corporate work focuses on supporting organizations through transformation and helping businesses sustain world-class performance through people. She is a speaker, coach, author, minister, mother, and wife with a passion for developing leaders.


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